Friday, September 10, 2010

laptops in school

*nerdy comment about to be made*

i actually (actaully is a reeeaalllly weird it actually or actaully?) realllllyy loooovee being able to have laptops at school. this year SAS went all *ho ho ho we're better than you* yet again and made the entire High School wireless. Yah I know sooooo technologically advanced! like i give a shit. but seriously, its pretty damn cool. like, you're not supposed to..but you can TOTALLY be on skype during World History. I mean Mr. Burnett basically told us 30thousand times that if he caught us on Skype or Facebook he'd take away our laptops for the quarter (which would suck major monkey balls) but whose stupid enough to be right there on Facebook when Mr. Burnett isnt  at his desk? I mean it doesnt take a genius to realize that that would be STUPID... I mean, yes I'm in my Emerging Comuter Technologies class right now (*yawn*) but the entire class is about stupid websites... She already caught me on Skype and it's not like she really cared. Plus, during free we're allowed to be on like anything,....except like Porn. and we're not allowed to download music during school hours. Or,...while we're on campus. but...yah.

High school has officially started (duh...) and I pretty much like all my classes...but I'm not being like that nerdy kid in the corner writing I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL but i'm not all my friends saying I hate it either. I just kind of dislike this class. I'm not really friends with anyone in this class (hehehe lonerism) but it's also good because it's already an easy A. and maybe if im not distracted by aweessoommee people then it'll be an easy A+. i really dont like the people in this class however....

Anywhoozles. School's started, and while it's fun and everything, i'll whine again and just say that almost all my friends moved so it's just kind of like i'm making new friends but im soooooooooo missing my old ones.     i dunno what to say right now... lol. imma go shopping (:

Saturday, July 31, 2010

end of de summeerrrr

Well this officially sucks. I finally had this KICK ASS time at camp...and then I had to leave. Like Camp is always fun...I guess. But the fun ends after I stop missing people and crap like that....But I had such A FUCKING GREAT TIME this year. And now I cant wait for it next year...I'm trying to talk my Mother into letting me go Third Session (meaning I go 6 weeks like...all of my friends did...fuck being the only girl who wasnt there last year...:[) hehehhee. But then I'd have to not do my internship and miss Kiawah...which sucks donkey nipps...

Has anyone else bought Streets of Gold??? 'cause honestly I LOVE IT! The only song I actually do NOT like is House Party...and I already knew that. RIP Im Not the One and Streets of Gold are great great great dancing for 15 hours straight to make up a kick ass dance to those three songs...Love you Lovely.

Urgh..No but I'm serious I miss my friends at camp sooo bad. Like...Kiawah's fun and all and who doesnt like spending two weeks just getting tan?? Not me. I Love it. And it's nice and all meeting the different people (jake...:P) but i just had such a great time at camp...:[ cry cry cry

Haley March
Sabrina Smith
Ben Fisher
Becca Fisher
Erin Spinella
Kate Ablon
Karen Douglas
Sequoia Leech-Kritchman
Alex Kresner
DeAndre Dymski
Jordan Lewis
and everyone else I forgot :[ sorry...

OMG everyone check out Dre's YouTube's AMAZING. He's this singer/rapper/song writer person and he's one of my friends from MTC this summer. He's amazing. Go to this song...It's called "I Want You Back" it's SICK... and check out his other stuff too @ dopedre101

soooo good. it makes me wanna dance and he wrote ALL of it.


okay...done whining..
see you at Open House..Freshies 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

lollipops, bullhorns and hard stuff

im out of breath...fuck. i know you like...can't tell unless you're some sort of like superhero that can like visit people through their computer screens...if you are like that HOLY SHIT IM SO JEALOUS...wait. but if you're reading this in like a week and i'm not sitting at the computer how can you tell i'm out of breath?? wait....what? im confusing myself im out of breath because theres this rhino stalking me (Sarah Derurty happens to know of this rhino) and he was just upstairs in my shower singing show tunes and he's was all like "I'M SINGING IN THE RAIN" and so I went in and was like "'re in a shower dipshit" and he got all pissed off like rhinos do as everyone knows and so he decided he wanted to kill me with his lollipop lasik vision and so i had to run like a pigeon with Spice on my back singing Beyonce backwards and then he fell through the sky and it was really scary and so now i'm out of breath and writing this post and it's really hilarious.

actually no. i am being stalked by a rhino but i'm not out of breath because of the rhino chasing me or whatever shit i just came up with up there....i'm out of breath because...
you'll never know.
but my best friends Spice and Jemmer are here and yah it's pretty awesome. they are related those lucky  ducks. OMG DID I EVER TELL YOU ABOUT THAT DUCK??
no? oh..that sucks. we're having a party in spice's pants. wow...those are sexy shorts spice. what are you trying to do?? steal my rhino from me? cause he's a perv you know? ...thats right i went there.

so i'm sitting on one of their laps (hehehehe arent you just wondering...) and they keep  laughing and it's REALLLLLYY pissing me off 'cause their laugh is really loud and sexy and it makes me realllllyyy giggly. i mean WHAT? i did not just talk about hornets. no no way.

hahahahahaahah ohmygod i really want a frappucinoo or whatever theyre spelled like
DUDE THOSE ADS ON TV ARE SOOO COOL. i totally want to be in it. i'd be like after the girl who goes "bliss" and i'd be all like cool and say something like "corn".


soo...yah that title is super random...the duck wanted to name it yah.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

the united states of boredom

this is sooo much fun. not.
okay that's not fair, yes im having fun....but only when we're either shopping or when im with my friends. which isn't really all that often. i think i wouldn't mind the whole bored thing so much if i had a facebook. but i dont so poo that. :p i think i've spent like the most time of my vaca on the computer....but i'm getting my new laptop soon so...:))
anyway..done with that.
one of the few pluses to not having anything to do i've taken like 50 THOUSAND pictures. of myself...hehehehe. superficial... "what me???" :]

wow...i just read over's majorly boring and somewhat like a failed diary entry...sorry to those who don't care (aka...everybody) hahahahaa. yah.
there really isn't much to talk about....
thats boring.
sorry guys:( xoxoxoxo-nat

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glamour Kills (And sorry I'm bad at blogging):)

WARNING LONG POST WORTH READING!! here's how it goes: I'm not used to being "responsible" for updating something...I'm thinking I may actually just make a fake FB account named like Natalei Brick and you can prolly find me there..I shall let you know if that works out...
SO today I wan't to let you guys--my friends (hopefully:P)--know about this amazing Brand blah blah blah thing called Glamour Kills. GK runs a fashion line that's basically very indie, skater sort of's AMAZING I have like..eight of their t-shirts a bunch of their hoodies and I just ordered their GLAM and KILL bootty shorts. Hellz yeah!!! Not only that but they sell Skateboard decks and iPod cases and shit like that so it's pretty incredible. SO...for all of you that have a thing for Indie music and shit like that go buy's a really great organization, the clothes aren't THAT expensive and super cute. But besides that they're sponsored or supported or whatever by a bunch of the best bands in the entire universe. To name..well all of them:

ALL TIME LOW: quite honestly this may just be the best band that's ever walked the planet. really i can't pick one song that i prfer over the others. buy every album, ep, single, video whatever. they're amazing. 'Poppin' Champagne', 'Six Feet Under the Stars', 'Lost in Stereo', 'Weightless' and 'Toxic Valentine' are amazing. but so are the rest of their songs. i've met them, well i guess now i can say i know them since i've met them 6 times now. they're all so nice..and i still have alex's beanie!! be jealous...:))
GWEN STACY: yes they're a screamo band. i don't actually know them... hahahaha.
COBRA STARSHIP: cobra starship...what's not to love? everyone knows them since good girls go bad came out but they're better from their first album. 'Guilty Pleasure' is beyond the best cobra starship song end of story. but 'Send My Love to the Dancefloor I'll See You in Hell (Hey Mr DJ)' is pretty kick ass too.
A ROCKET TO THE MOON: These guys are amazing. And they released a new in January I think... Again they're a Indie Pop rock band. It's the kind of music I like..if you don't like it not my fault. But since you're reading MY BLOG im telling you about my favorite music. try 'Like I Used To', 'Baby We're Invincible', 'She's Killing Me', and 'Dakota'. Those are my personal favorites.

THE MAINE: These guys are the only thing that competes with All Time Low for me. These guys are fucking incredible. Their music is not as pop's definitely more indie least to me. I love their music. Can't Stop Won't Stop was GROUND SHATTERING for me. I mean, it's soooo good. And Black and White comes out this summer and I'm counting the days. 'Into Your Arms' saved my life. Not literally but's like the perfect story and the first few times I listened to it I cried. I know the story (=)) and its such a great song. John is HOTTTTT. Just had to throw that in there. Their newer singles off Black and White are great too. I love 'Inside of You' and 'Growing Up'. But all time favorites--'Into Your Arms', 'Inside of You', 'The Way We Talk', and 'Kiss and Sell'.

HIT THE LIGHTS: Again, a very pop rock band. They're good too. 'Drop the Girl' is great. 'Speakers Blown' is my favorite. While 'Body Bag' has such great lyrics the beat is a little strange. Their cover of Boston's 'More Than a Feeling' is sooo good. 'Stay Out' is great too. check em out!

BOYS LIKE GIRLS: Okay, who doesn't know 'Great Escape'? That song is the soundtrack of my summers. 'Hero/Heroine' is fantastic. 'Thunder' is every girl's secret favorite song. 'Love Drunk' was great but it's kind of tired now. I'm not a fan of 'Two is Better Than One' only because his voice sounds SOOO whiney. 'Heart Heart Heartbreak' is the perfect tie between pop and rock music. Sounds like *NSYNC in the beginning...

A DAY TO REMEMBER: I didn't really know this band until X-mas 2009. They're in no way my FAVORITE band but I do like them. They have screamo moments, but I personally don't really mind that. Some people HATE it. I kind of think it fits these guys. 'Downfall of Us All' is good. 'If It Means a Lot to You' is fantastic, my favorite of these guys. Their cover of 'Over My Head' is good, as is their cover of 'Since U Been Gone'. 'You Should've Killed Me When You Had the Chance' and 'The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle' are super catchy.

SET YOUR GOALS: I don't like these guys as much. LOL. If you look them up on iTunes the first song that shows up is 'Put Yo Hood Up' it's a cover. it's not their music. it's bad. bad. bad bad bad bad. 'Echoes' and 'The Fallen...' are the ones I reccommend.

THE READY SET: This is ONE guy. Okay? I HAE when people are like OMG I love The Ready Set! They're sooo good. It's's one guy. Not they, he. Sorry. Um he's releasing a new album in exactly 6 days. I 've preordered it. I like his music...some dont. Idk... 'Love Like Woe' isn't my favorite but it's okay...'Blizzard of '89' is soo good. i Love the acoustic version of 'Sixty Eight'. I like him more acoustic.

blessthefall: it's written as one word. just FYI. They're screamo again. 'Guys Liek You Make Us Look Bad' is their big song. Their cover of Aerosmith's 'Dream On' is good. i Like 'Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted' is my favorite.

POLAR BEAR CLUB: i'd say they're a screamo band but they're more of a grunto band. lol i created a word!!! 'Living Saints' 'Light of Local Eyes' and 'Boxes' are my favorite.

WITH THE PUNCHES: They only have one album. SO heres what I have to say...BUY IT. it's SOOOOO GOOD. i love these guys. 'Burned at Both Ends', 'Slizzard Crossing (Your Doing It Wrong)' and 'Thrill Your Idols' are all good.

HEY MONDAY: Okay Cassadee Pope is such a good singer. I saw these guys in concert I think 4-5 times now. And every single time they do soo well. '6 Months' is my favorite ballad ever. I love that song. 'Josey' 'Run Don't Walk', and 'Obvious' are all worth a listen.

MAYDAY PARADE: I'm not the hugest fan. I'll admit it. But I have reasons, they just seem like all the others. They don't really have something that makes them stand out. I mean the lead singer isn't drop dead gorgeous, and he doesn't have this amazing voice. ANd the lyrics aren't anywhere near as good as any of the other bands here. I will recommend a listen to however-'Jamie All Over', 'Miserable at Best' and 'Jersey'.

THE AUDITION: I love this band. And yes, I've realized that I've said that about like...every other band. But I have this thing for music. I'm addicted. :) Oh well. Might as well admit my addiction! Soo I love 'You've Msade Us Conscious', 'Don't Be So Hard' and the acoustic version and 'Smoke and Mirrors'.

WE THE KINGS: Again everyone knows 'Check Yes Juliet'. So this is one of those bands that have somwehat "made it". Whatever the hell that means. But the ones I think you HAVE to check out are...'Secret Valentine'--yes it's about sex. Get over it. 'All Again for You', and 'She Takes Me High'.

SILVERSTEIN: First off they are screamo sometimes. I love their version of 'Apologize'. It has a really good parts to it. 'SMile in Your Sleep' and 'My Heroine' are both worth listening to.

FOUR YEAR STRONG: Not exactly a screamo band, but he does sound kind of...angry. LOL. I like their cover of 'Love Song' and 'Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)'.

YOU ME AT SIX: First off I LOVE their band's name. I dont really know why, btu I do!! Secondly--i LOVE this band. Don't LAUGH AT ME SPICE! All fo their songs are worth listening to and not only that but they record like...a lot! So they almost always have new music. Not always...but often. 'Kiss and Tell', 'Always Attract', 'Save It for the Bedroom', 'Liquid Confidence' and 'Fireworks' are among my favorites but I do like all of their songs. I'm on my way to having all of their songs.

THE FRIDAY NIGHT BOYS: One of the bands that started my obsession with pop punk indie music. One of their songs...'Stupid Love Letter'...was featured in When in Rome. So they've kind of made like...idk an impact. 'That's What She Said', 'High School', 'Stuttering' and 'Suicide Sunday' are all so good. you guys know a little bit more about me...'cause now you guys know all my favorite music. Well no not all my favorite music. That would be like.....8 thousand pages long. OHEMEFFGEE!! everyone HAS to listen to this song called 'LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE' i'ts off Eminem's next album Recovery and it's featuring Rihanna and it's amazing.

ANyway I have to call my god child. Peace out homeslice

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stop telling me I'm Late!!!!

Yeah I know I haven't posted in FOREVER but I was busy. Deal with it.

It's officially summertime (for me at least) and I'm....bored..hahahahaa. Yeah so we basically left like...4 hours after school ended and the flight was long..andboring...and HORRIBLE. But it was sooo weird Lulu, Izzy and I were all in the same row. I was like...whoa. thats wierdd. But besides the point. The flight sucked. we got stuck in economy (screw you izzy getting upgraded!!!) and there were like NO movies. and i watched all my TV shows like..straight away (stupid fucking me).

But before leaving we the Grad dance a long time back..which was the most fun I've had all year. I don't think I stopped dancing the entire time. Maddie Carli and I had soooo much fun. And sarah...(i just cant bring myself to talk about you makes me cry...:((() I wore my sexy new pencil skirt and the looose black top that we wore for small group. it was cute.

then we had...umm Sentosa beach trip..which we'll skip that.

then...Grad ceremony which was again unexciting but Mrs. Smith was sitting the front row like pointing, whispering and lke staring at me...and I was like can i help you? but whatever.

and then...yah now I'm here.
We went t Kohls and it was awsome. i got these ADORABLE HEELS that were originally $55 i got them for $6. Im like whoa...nice deal...:)

and now my grandparents are coming over.. YEAH . not.

wish me luck.:) lov ya guys

ps. Callie and Kate--good luck in California and Canada. I had fun with you guys this year and I'll miss you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rawa and Dance and shit like that

"Jiggle that girl bojangles!" Sorry...I know it's an old song, but I have it stuck in my head :(. Do I want to go to Pitbull? My Friend wants me to go with them...hmm...Anyone wanna ticket to Pitbull? I think it's next Tuesday at Fort Canning...hmmm

Anyways...two weekends ago Sarah Deruty and I went to Rawa, Malaysia. And it was HELLA fun. Actually, there were parts that were like uber boring...but we made it fun...'cause we're talented like that. Anyway here's how it went for those of you who are actually interested:
      We wake up at like 'Wayyy to early to remember'o'clock in the morning and get dressed and brush our teeth and pile into the car. Actually it's more like a rented van that's crap. And I was freaking out 'cause ever since the accident in Turkey I've been like uber scared of mini-vans but I was okay..We lived. *Phewy*
    Then after listening to all 7oo songs on Sarah Deluty's iPod (oh and she fell asleep on my shoulder WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and i was like..whoa there girlie...invasion of the bubble around my body okay sweetheart?)  But I lived...So then we arrived in Mersing with only like...8 other families there. So I had to "introduce" her to everyone, even though I'm like 98% sure to this moment that they'd all already met her. Whatever...and then we got on the boat by climbing over two other boats.
     Then after I dont know...a 30-45 minute boat ride we arrived at RAWA ISLAND! AND THE SLIDE WAS STILL THERE!!! So yes..I was happy. SO we went and looked at our room, put our bikinis on and went outside into the SUNSHINE. Except I forgot to put sunscreen on and so I got this like fail tan line 'cause I was wearing one of those uber smexy double strap I mean its pretty funny looking
   And of course Sarah's fine and fucking sexy with her tanness. But whatever..
So the rest of the weekend like this: Swimming, tanning, reading magazines, laughing at drunk adults in the water and dancing to OUR AGES MUSIC (i will never be able to listen to Timbaland ever again...), avoiding scary pedofile guy, and taking smexy pics at night (hugging trees and all).
   Oh and there was our 90210/OC moment but we wont go into detail about that...:)

So there's Rawa. But there were a bunch of funny memories such as (don't feel bad if you don't get weren't born to understand things:)):
    "Ever go down a bobsled run naked? No...maybe I should chew gum!"-Sarah
    "You look like you're going to fucking kill it!!!"-Sarah
    "Houston...we have a problem."-Nathalie
    "Sheepdog stop fucking kicking sand at me..."-Nathalie
   "Dude...we should totally stand up on our kayaks!"-Nathalie
    "DADDY!!!!"-we actually both said this a lot since my dad is techincally Sarah's dad as well.
    "That dog is going to die of overheating...and none of you care?"-Sarah
    "Shut the duck  up you mother ducker!/Ducking bell you ducker!"-Sarah
    "are you okay...?-Nathalie're probably feeling very left out right now. dont feel bad. and don't jump off's just you weren't there.. so you aren't really part of this geniosity. SORRY!

Oh yah..and we had our dance show. Not much to say. It went good. if you weren't there thats your problem. sorry.

anyway i have to go now because I am going out. and i am going to keep my promises to sarah deluty. i SWEAR. :))
Love you guys!