Friday, September 10, 2010

laptops in school

*nerdy comment about to be made*

i actually (actaully is a reeeaalllly weird it actually or actaully?) realllllyy loooovee being able to have laptops at school. this year SAS went all *ho ho ho we're better than you* yet again and made the entire High School wireless. Yah I know sooooo technologically advanced! like i give a shit. but seriously, its pretty damn cool. like, you're not supposed to..but you can TOTALLY be on skype during World History. I mean Mr. Burnett basically told us 30thousand times that if he caught us on Skype or Facebook he'd take away our laptops for the quarter (which would suck major monkey balls) but whose stupid enough to be right there on Facebook when Mr. Burnett isnt  at his desk? I mean it doesnt take a genius to realize that that would be STUPID... I mean, yes I'm in my Emerging Comuter Technologies class right now (*yawn*) but the entire class is about stupid websites... She already caught me on Skype and it's not like she really cared. Plus, during free we're allowed to be on like anything,....except like Porn. and we're not allowed to download music during school hours. Or,...while we're on campus. but...yah.

High school has officially started (duh...) and I pretty much like all my classes...but I'm not being like that nerdy kid in the corner writing I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL but i'm not all my friends saying I hate it either. I just kind of dislike this class. I'm not really friends with anyone in this class (hehehe lonerism) but it's also good because it's already an easy A. and maybe if im not distracted by aweessoommee people then it'll be an easy A+. i really dont like the people in this class however....

Anywhoozles. School's started, and while it's fun and everything, i'll whine again and just say that almost all my friends moved so it's just kind of like i'm making new friends but im soooooooooo missing my old ones.     i dunno what to say right now... lol. imma go shopping (:

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